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Narrow feet

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New to forum so excuse any stupidity... I am a 42-yo 6 ft, 205lb newly-obsessed intermediate to advanced skier after a 15-year layoff, looking to expand my horizons from Whiteface-East Coast to deeper stuff... Probably no significant tree-skiing or cliff/chute jumping, no racing, but looking for blacks and open-bowl skiing. Mild asthma so probably not looking for 45-minute hikes at altitude to terrain. Anyway... My A width heel and B width forefoot seem to limit me to top $ racing width boots but am a little afraid of stiffness. My plan is to buy a good pair of boots when $ allow and then rent skis for conditions where I travel. Don't worry-- would not buy online but would find either a good local bootfitter (SE PA) or buy on-mountain if I take a trip somewhere good where time allows. Have looked around here and elsewhere incl mfr sites and it seems that the Dalbello Krypton Cross/ID should be my first quest and if it fits look no further. Is this a good plan or are other boots with separate Intuition liners something I should consider...

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boots can be made a lot softer as needed, so dont be too scared of a stiff boot.


Kryptons are a med to narrow boot,  lots of others are narrower.  Both lange and nordica make the 92 or 95mm race boots in a 100 starting flex, and that can be made a lot softer.  If you want the 3 prt shell idea (kyrpton) the full tilt is about the same width, maybe a bit narrower, but lower instep too.


other things are the height of your foot.  Are you feet just narrow, or low instep too?   this (and many other things) are shy to see a boot fitter.


Boots can't be made narrower, so get a tight fit in both length and width, and get the tight spots made bigger as needed

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thanks for the reply.  will definitely see a bootfitter when the time comes.  have had too many athletic shoe issues before. i use the brooks adrenaline line of running shoes in the narrow width.  they do have some correction for pronation built in, which i seem to need with dynamic weight bearing (skate fitting was difficult and eventually required significant corrective custom orthotics that i don't need in everyday shoes).  i will be sure to address that too.  my heel always rises in the rental rossis up at whiteface so i know as i progress renting boots will not be a good option...  thanks again for the input.  always good to know there are multiple options.....

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