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Better short turns.

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Which method of making a short turn makes better use of the ski design and biomechanics:
1. Letting the skis flatten and "unwind" into the fall line, followed by very high edge angles at the end of the turn, or
2. Changing edges without letting the skis pivot, followed by steering moderately edged skis throughout the whole turn?<FONT size="1">

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Is this a game?
I responded first
I vote for number 2.
tip that ski on edge and steer it around.
What to I win?
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My take: For current ski design, #2, although there is no reason not to use high edge angles with new skis. For older style "straight" skis, #1. But this does not take into account the skier's intent. If you are on steep terrain and need to skid for speed control, then the equipment type doesn't matter, you point 'em sideways, and put 'em up on edge. On the same note, you can take a pair of "traditional" skis, and make them carve, as long as you don't mind making a turn every lift tower or two (not actually a short turn).
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..... as always, it all depends upon when and where .......<FONT size="1">

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For short turns, as in a slalom course, I think you still have to do a lot of #1, even with the short turn radius skis. If you have recent World Cup or other slalom runs on tape, you can probably get a good idea by playing back in slow motion. I seem to recall thinking that they still rotate almost to the fall line before any significant engagement.

I believe I've got 2000 US championships on tape. I'll take a look.
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I think a lot of newer SL racers are starting to do a combo of what you are suggesting as well as "reaching short turns" in which the whole CM travels across the hill instead of the body "winding and unwinding in each turn". Especially if the gates are offset instead of very close together.
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