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Adjusting bindings without remount

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I recently just got new boots for my skis but they turned out to be a just a little bit smaller than my old boots so they don't sit correctly in my bindings. The bindings I have on my skis are a "Dynastar Troublemakers" which I believe is the same as a PX 12 just with a different paint job, and my other skis have Rossi axial2 140s, and as far as I can tell, although I'm not much of a gear guru, these two bindings are identical. But I was wondering if there was anyway to adjust these bindings to fit my boots without having to completely remount my skis. I did do a little research and a lot of people talk about A screw thats behind the tower on the heel piece, but all I see are two screws that apear to be holding the binding to the ski, so I didnt want to unscrew them. Any help would be awesome!

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On those bindings the heel is moved by lifting a tab on the back of the binding.  After you move the heel you need to check the forward pressue (the little window).  That being said, how large a size difference are your boots?

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If they are not the demo version of the bindings, then you have a limited amount of movement before a remount is required. You do not state the old and new sole lengths. If you only down sized a small amount and the bindings are not at the limit now then you should be able to move the heel piece. However if you have to ask how, then you probably also need to think about your knees and get someone more experienced to do the adjustment and check forward pressure and a release test. If the boots are such that the din needs to be changed also (one of the factors on the din chart is the boot sole length) then that needs to be adjusted also.


I know enough that while I could probably find the technical manual and a screw driver or the tools to complete the adjustment for the length, I do not have the tools to do a proper release check and leave that up to a shop technician.

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oh yeah sorry, I went from a 27.5-26.5

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Ok thanks a lot for the help. I was able adjust the heel piece forward so that the forward pressure window was all yellow when the boot wasn't in it, which is what it looked like with my old boots before adjustment, and then with the boot clicked in half of the window was black and half was yellow, which is also what it looked like with my old boots, so am I good to go now? Is that correct forward pressure?

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Sounds good.  Just be sure to double check that the DIN doesn't need to be changed.  As mentioned above, it depends on the boot sole length.  If you tell us the two boot sole lengths, we can check the numbers.

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i went from 27.5-26.5

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That's the mondopoint size.  The boot sole length is exactly how long in mm the sole is.  For example, my 27.5 boots are a 317 BSL.  That 317 is the number used in figuring out the DIN.  It should be marked somewhere on or near the sole of your boots.

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Originally Posted by baykah View Post

i went from 27.5-26.5

Right, we don't need to know the foot size, we need to know the boot sole length.  That's what matters.

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oh my bad yeah I went from 317-308

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My charts do have a column shift at 310mm, so you may in fact want to tweak the DIN.   


You can plug your specs into the calculator here and see what it says:



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alright sweet I'm allset thanks a lot

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