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Quiver makeover

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As I thought spring is bringing some great ski deals and I'm looking to revamp my current quiver.

Me: 56yrs, 190lbs, ski Summit + Vail, BC

Pow, trees, bumps, fast groomers, try to ski it all.

Current quiver:

Hard snow: RX8 in 175

Anytime: PE in 179

Soft snow/pow/pow bumps: Fisher Atua in 186


All of these skis have a bunch of days on them. I have a good offer to sell the PEs and would like to get down to only a two ski quiver. Some possible options:


RX8 + Watea 94, sell the Atua

RX8 + Goat (they're finally cheap) sell Atua

Watea 84 + Atua, keep RX8 for really hard days

?? high 70s carver + Atua


I'd like to only buy one new ski right now and my neighbor is a Fisher rep, and I like Fishers. The Atua is fine in pow and soft bumps but isn't a great crud ski and I like to ski crud.


Open to ideas as long as it's on sale.

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 Well, the 94s are hard to beat at $324 shipped from sierraskis.com, and they are great in crud.  Replace the RX-8 with the Progressor 9+ (also on sale), and your makeover is complete!

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If you enjoy the RX8 for hard snow days, then it's a no-brainer to sell the PEs if you are looking to get down to a 2 ski quiver as none of your possibilities include the PE.  If you were in Utah, some might argue that you could go with the PE and something really wide, but I enjoy having a carving ski here in CO and think something in the 94 to Goat range covers you on most powder/soft snow days.


I skied the Atua March/April last year in the Alps (about 25 days) and loved them for most soft snow conditions and felt they were fine in crud (although I am trying to remember how much time I spent there as we good pretty good snow in the Spring).


If you have skied the 94s (or end up buying it), I would be very interested to here how you think they compare to the Atua. 

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