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Academy Instructors

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There has been much interest regarding the proficiency level of instructors who will be coaching at the Academy. Keep in mind, some of the questions are coming from newer members who have not yet experienced your brilliant posts! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Ultimately, YOU folks are the reason people will attend. If you filled out your coaches agreement, and are DEFINITELY teaching, please sign in one this thread

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No, no, not THIS thread - click on the words "this thread" in the post above.
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LOL! good point! The thread in the planning room!
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You mean...not this thread, but the other one?
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You must mean THAT thread!
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This is beginning to feel like tennis.
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and until we get something more official, tell us about yourself in .......
This is Who we Are
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What's a THREAD?
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Who are WE????
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I'm confused.
Is it "This" or "That"
Oh, and never mind who are we, my question is: "WHY ARE WE?"


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