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Resort closings

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I just skied at keystone sunday and it was their last day for the season but most runs still had plenty of snow. I went on their website and it said closing was subject to change based on weather. So how do they decide to close? When they say subject weather to the really mean subject to skier visitation?

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That, but also, at least here, it's subject to the contract terms between the lift company and the the power provider.

If the visitors are estimated to stay high, the lift company might renegotiate the end of it, or it may not.

Snow level has little to do, if, of course, it's high enough to warrant a skiable base.

If it's already gone, one reson more to shut down for the season...

Made, as an example, planned to close on the 19th...thanks to the snow fall and, I guess, the visitors volumes of this winter, they've delayed the closure till the 29th...

After that,...people will start to want to go to the seaside on the week ends ands seek some sun and warmth...

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The answer is $$$$$$


The resorts stay open as long as there are significant numbers of people coming to the mountain and paying money.  Once the skier visits become largely passholders the resort is losing money.  To run a large resort for even one day costs a huge amount of money and no business can function while paying out more than they are taking in.  When they say subject to weather, they really mean that they might close early if the weather is bad, and very very rarely will stay open longer

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For some ski areas they have leases from the Forest Service and when it's up the skiing stops regardless of snow totals or skier interest.  For the rest it's as mentioned already

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If the resort is losing money by staying open, then they will shut down. 'Nuff said.

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