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Can't decide what would you go with?

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With all the great prices right now I think I am going to add to my quiver.  Looking for something that will primarily be used  for short day tours in the BC and side country mostly in the spring after the resorts have closed for the year.  However I will still use them for the occasional resort day.  I currently have to many skis and will be selling a couple of them to make room for this new addition.  Current skis as follows:


195  Praxis Pows- keeping

193 Volkl Sanouks with Dukes- keeping

188 med stiff Bros - probably sell

183 stiff Bros- keeping (my all time favorite ski)

180 Black Diamond Verdicts with Dukes- definatly selling  (using Dukes for new ski)

175 Tiger Shark 10 ft with switch- selling


I like all of these except for the Verdicts. I like the Tiger Sharks but have only spent 2 half days on them because of Utahs snow year.  188 Bros too much overlap with 183 Bros.


The three skis I am thinking of are Watea 101 (192),  Watea 94 (186)  or  Gotama (190).


I don't really need the powder performance of the wider ski since I have my Sanouks for that plus the Watea 94s are lighter then the other two with less overlap of my other skis. Spring use probably means ice in the morning turning to corn and slush later in the day.


I've read all the reviews and am leaning towards the Watea 94s but I am still hesitating and don't know why.  I skied my little brothers 176 Gotamas which I liked, just way to short for my 5'10"  215 lbs.  Haven't ever skied a Fischer. Maybe thats why I'm concerned since I bought the Verdicts without a demo and don't like them. 


Somebody please help cure my inability to make a decision and confirm which ski I should choose. 


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I'm useless wrt the indecision thing. But I'm curious what your kid ended up thinking of the Praxis Powders. Sorry about the hijack, but at least it gets you a bump ;) 

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I'm gonna be a jerk and make your indecision worse.


Somethign else to consider would be the Blizzard Titan Argos IQ.  I was at SierraJim's shop yesterday and I saw a pair with a set of Dynafits.  Now, the thing is, Blizzard's IQ system is truly slick.  Those Dynafits are mounted on little plate that can be slipped out, and a pair of IQ-specific Dukes can be slipped right in their place.  Or another plate with a set of of some other alpine bindings.  I wouldn't even be surprised if you could mount your existing Dukes on a plate to be used with the IQ system.

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She is doing great on her Powders.  She likes them more then I like mine.  If there is ever more then 6 inches of new thats usually what shes skiing.  Somebody thought that I would also end up getting her a longer traditional shape ski as well.  Which I ended up doing.  I wish I had some pics of her on the Praxis but every powder day I have either forgotten the camera or we have just been too busy skiing to think about pics.  I got a few pics of her on her 164 Bros at Snowbasin last week. 



Between the two of us this is where we are at ski wise.  My wife thinks we are both crazy.




Now I just need to turn the 188 Bros, Verdicts and Tigersharks into a single pair.  Still leaning towards the Watea 94.  Just can't bring myself to pull the trigger yet.


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 Too much quiver there for me to give an absolute answer, but I will say that if you are looking for a light soft-snow ski in the 94mm range that is decent in powder, great in crud, and surprisingly good on groomers, it's hard to beat the Watea 94.  Believe me, I have tried a bunch of skis in this range and they all just make me appreciate the 94 even more.  It's still in my quiver after two full seasons (that says a lot right there, knowing how many skis I buy/sell/demo), it's my goto Utah ski, and I continue to find more things to like about it every day.  If you can nab them for $324 at sierraskis.com right now, I think it's a low-risk high-payoff opportunity.

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