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 Hello! i am new to the forum and hoping to get some help with getting new gear. I am 48,155lb and 5"5".I learned to ski when i was 40.I haven't done much skiing in the past 8 years - maybe 8-times each season.We live near Sierra Summit in CA .Now my kids are bigger and LOVE to ski and snowboard,My husband is an amazing Skier and good Snowboarder.It looks like we are going to go way more and also travel to places like Tahoe and Veil and maybe Chili. Right now i own a pair of K2 Sweet Luv (160cm),which my husband bought for me in 1999. I do blue runs,but don't gain much speed and feel a little unstable sometimes.My boots are Rossignols Soft Lite. I'd like to buy new skis and new boots and hopefully improve with skiing more. Any suggestions,please?

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Hello Lanaana, Welcome to EpicSki


Are you looking for a ski to compliment your true luv or to replace it?

IMO, if you're looking for stability and advancedment I'd try the Lotta Luv, Blizzard Viva 7.6, or the Nordica Olympia Conquer. All three of those are at the low end of being a mid fat which will allow them to carve nicely while still giving you enough under foot to help you in the powder and crud. 

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