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I asked this question on one of the other forums, but I want to ask here again in case there are more instructors paying attention here. Basically, I am a CSIA level 2, working towards my level 3. I want to buy a dedicated pair of skiis for teaching...especially for working on and passing my level 3.

I live/work in Whistler, so pow and crud are always around. Occasional ice, but the norm is soft snow conditions.

A lot of instructors are on slalom skiis these days and it seems I would be best off with a pair of tight turning skiis that are easy to turn, smooth, etc. Something that I can go down a powdery, cruddy, mogul field making slow, round, smooth, carving turns (no zipper line skiing allowed)...

What are your suggestions for a ski to buy for this purpose?

So far I have quite a list of skiis to try, still prioritizing it, but it looks something like this:

- Head XP-70ti (or XP-60)
- Dynaster Speed SX
- Dynaster Speed Cross
- K2 Mach S
- Rossi T-Power Viper S (or X) Or CobraX
- Soloman Crossmax (9 or 10)
- Saloman slalom ski (?)
- Atomic 9.12, 10.16, 10.20, 9.20

That's a big list of demoing already. I would definitely like to cut it down a little.

Anyway, any instructors out there using these skiis..please tell me your experience.

In particular, on my level 3 the biggest challenge for me will be skiing the bumps slowly with balanced, round, carving turns. I am used to skiing on a GS sidecut ski....down the zipper line. But that is not acceptable for ski instruction. I need to make nice slow, easy, round turns through the bumps..

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.