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Who would use snowflex?

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So I know there has been a few discussions on here about snowflex. I'd like to know:

-Would you use a snowflex slope if you were not with in driving distance of a ski resort?

-How often would you use it if it were with in a 100 mile distance of you?

                                                                  -75  mile distance of you?

                                                                 -50 mile distance of you?

I'm doing this for a marketing class in college. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also, here is the snowflex website. http://snowflex.com/





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I'd do some research on what has been happening in the UK, especially hemel hempstead.


Snowflex (and other dry) slopes are slowly being replaced with indoor 'snowdomes' ie. fridges with artificial snow which are much more popular than the dry slopes, less distructive to skis and better to carve on for racing.


You may get a better response on snowheads given the UK centric nature of the forum as all of us are out of (reasonable) driving distance of a ski resort.

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I would -- I found the website by Dieter Sturm a few years ago and find it all very interesting.


I would love skiing 12 months a year -- real mountains and snow in the winter and snowflex in the summer.


I read on the web last fall about the snowflex ski area at the college back east.

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