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Video editing software.... what do you use?

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I've got video ideas running through my mind and I've got some footage.  Where do I go from here?


Currently I'm looking for editing software.  Two I've keyed on are Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus and Adobe Premier Elements 7.  The reason I'm considering these is they both allow multiple audio tracks and they're both highly regarded and purportedly fairly easy to learn and use.  Anyone use either of these?


Info I haven't found on these products are; can I zoom and pan still photos?  Can I easily publish to Vimeo?




Other programs I should consider?

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 I've never used the Magix editor, but I can tell you about Premiere. Once you add a still to the sceneline, you can fiddle with its Motion effect settings to modify and animate the scaling and position of it. (If you're doing anything serious, you might consider springing for the Pro version.)


You can upload video in just about all of the common video formats to Vimeo; they are converted by them before being posted.

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I have used and tested both. They are pretty close feature-wise. Both can handle all formats you would generally need and both havre direct output to video file sharing sites with built-in presets to preserve quality. I would tend towards Magix at the moment because they have just done a major re-work on version 15 signalling they are geting serious about the non-European markets which means they are a safe bet to be responsive to consumer wishes and deal with bugs quickly. You can take a look at the reviews of both here: http://www.myeasydata.com/video-editing-software.html


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bumpfreaq, if you have access to a Mac, Final Cut Express is a great stepping stone on the way to a full-blown Final Cut Pro rig. Sorry I can't advise you if you're on a PC...I just don't know the programs! I do hear great things about Premiere though, and in my line of work you're either using FCP or Premiere, as those two are the ones ensconced in the industry. Do your research with Magix, though: sometimes for independent film editors who aren't tied to a production company, the underdog software is the best choice. See if those programs have demos that you can try out...let you edit something and get a feel for how the interface works without letting you print or save your work. That way you can make a more informed decision that's custom-build to your needs. 

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Thanks peeps!  Valuable info there. Thumbs Up

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I will give a vote for the adobe premiere. I've been using it since it first came out. Recently upgraded to ver 7 for the new AVCHD camera I just bought. 


I'm no pro, but it has gotten progressively better. It seems pretty solid to me now. 


I have used it to edit and upload my HD video to vimeo, and it has worked great.

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I definitely believe Final Cut pro is the best. It is easy to use and has a number of incrediable features including working with photo's with a motion tool that makes zooming and panning no problem at all!



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