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Disowning The Phantom Move

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After viewing HH's tapes I realized I had not understood the what it was. The verbal description I heard gave me a very different idea of it(a picture is worth 1000 words). Elswhere on this forum I had said I was teaching a version of it. I'm not.
I do like it for green level skiers because it gets the weight forward as part of the early learning process. I'm so sick of seeing skiers in "the backseat" I could scream.
It reminds me of what I had to do with my 6'9"Hart Super Pros and lace up boots back in the 60s. Too bad HH couldn't have come up with a more descriptive name for it. "The Phantom Move" sounds so mystical. :
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Mythology has it that someone in one of HH's clinics a number of years back named it the "phantom move" after see his demo of it for the first time and not being able to tell how he was doing it. I expect that HH adopted it because it meant something to that student. It's a useful exercise as you noted, whatever you call it.

We do get a little jargon heavy sometimes. It's not about what we call whatever we do, its about communicating so as to create understanding for the students. When teaching I readily modify or change verbage to help create better communication about any task, movement, concept or outcome so a student gains understanding that is meaningful and makes sense to them. If they coin a term to describe something they feel or do, I'll adopt it and use it as reinforcment of "their" understanding.

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One of the best ways to learn something is to restate its description in your own terms (as long as you can confirm that your restatement remains accurate to the idea).

I often ask students to describe for me what we've been working on. If they come back with something that's a reasonable alternative description, I know they actually know the information instead of just being able to mimic the activity.

I've seen lots of people be able to ski similar to someone they're following but not be able to make the same movements later on their own.
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