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I spend a lot of time at the Scotts Valley Skateboard Park. Go to other parks as well. We are building a half-pipe at my buddy's place. Its great exercise.


Do a lot of MTN Biking at UC Santa Cruz and Soquel Demo Forest. Night rides are a blast. Go to North Star a few times a year for lift assisted riding.


Bodyboard when ever there is swell.


Gym rat as well.

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Hey Pat,

Don't be afraid of Muni. If you can ride down the street you can ride on the trails. I don't hop or do that fancy stuff, you don't really need it. Just go for it and walk the tough sections. The Muni rolls over some pretty techy stuff, I'm always amazed how much I can actually ride on the trails that I wouldn't have thought remotely possible until I tried it. It's easier than it looks!

Muni will get anyone into amazing shape for skiing. Plus the balance factor is unmatched.



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No way I'm trying MUNI!!


I videoed a Uni Trials competition at Killington a couple years ago.  These guys are amazing.  i borrowed a fat tire uni and was able to hop in place about 20 times but that's about the extent of my skills.  I just do distance riding and nothing more than a dozen miles at a stretch (with a few breaks).



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Well, how fast do you like to ski? Somehow I doubt you're a speed demon or you'd like groomers, and you're not skiing Alaska at 50mph (I think).


Usually, if you wait a few seconds you'll get you're own space.

Hell, when groups ski together they tend to all go at the same time and then run into each other. I don't want to mention names here....but had it happen this year on a trail that was like 75 yards wide.


In terms of groomers, I've actually experienced more close calls out west - odd I know.

I don't know many skiing on foot long planks anymore - that is boring indeed.  Too much work actually.

Well, that IS the issue. Not being a speed demon, I found skiing groomers boring. :( 


The "boredom" is somewhat alleviated at higher speed. But I can't do that when the trails are busy, which it usually is in the east.


It's true the groomer of the west are equally dangerous. I had one of my "near miss" at Jackson Hole, of all places! The faster one is going, the harder the fall. :( 


There's my conandrum.


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Surf, surf and more surfing. With a few early morning sun salutations thrown in for good measure.

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My summer sports are mtb, speed inline skating, running and ice hockey (end of August till end of April, so part of "summer" is included :)). I kinda try to avoid running, since I had enough of it while xc skiing :) But none of those sports is done, because I would need to get ready for next winter... It's just fun for me, and after 20 years in competitive skiing, sport is (part of) my life. So basically anything to get me out in nature, and what brings my heart rate above 140 is fun :D

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Thanks TC, for starting this thread...

I've put my inline on for the first time this year today at the team racetrack (250 mt long), before they arrived for their training session (wanted to be done by the time, to avoid to have them fall all over the place laughing) :

-warm up laps

-1 x 10 laps

-decompressing laps

-rest (let HR go down below 100)

-1 x 5 laps

-decompressing laps


1 x 5 laps

-decompressing laps


Legs are tireder than after a day of skiing (and gluteus maximus as well)

My HR went up to 148 during the first "session", then subsequently on both second and third reached 160 (that's why I decided to stop and res, the intention was to do 2x10 laps)..good news is that as soon as I stop it quickly go down

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