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Skiing Tahoe 4/14 - 4/16 - where to go?

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Hi guys. Skiing some corn this week, three days worth: 4/14 - 15 - 16 out at Tahoe. Any recommendations on what the best three spots would be? I've skied Squaw, Alpine, Northstar, Heavenly, and Kirkwood in the past; but I'm just wondering if anyone has an opinion on what's best with current conditions. I'm an inbounds-skier, but I ski everything except cliffs... I'm too old and fragile for that! 

Also, my daily ski is a 2006 B3, though I have a set of B2's laying around as well - any reason not to bring the B3's into the corn?

Staying in Reno, but I have a car; so north or south is OK - heck, I'd even run down to Mammoth if it was gonna be that much better than Tahoe for some reason.

Thanks for your help!

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 Not sure about Tahoe, but just came back from a week a Mammoth and it was awesome! Fresh powder, not too busy, decent weather.


Damn, I cant wait to go back :-)



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There's Mt. Rose that a snowboarder I used to know swore by...coming out of Reno, you get to that resort first.

A former coworker of my husband liked Diamond Peak-it's kind of a small local place.

I haven't been to either one.

I personally like Heavenly alot-plus it's still snowing there. We stay on the California side of South Lake Tahoe when we go at the Marriot right there by the gondola. We get our groceries at the Ralph's across the street from Marriot. I personally avoid the casinos when I go due to asthma.

Just a thought...

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squaw should have great corn on thursday.... tuesday and wednesday look like they're gonna be kinda cold.

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I actually just spent Friday and Saturday at Mt Rose prior to coming home for Easter, and it was fantastic.  Definitely spend at least one day there, and get in the Chutes!  You won't be disappointed!

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Was at both Northstar and Sierra yesterday (long story).


Northstar is getting a little thin.  You can see brown spots on frontside and esp. on the long run back into the Village.


Sierra seems to be going strong, having been relatively blessed this season.

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Thanks for all the tips, guys - keep 'em coming!

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Wednesday should be good.

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If it warms up, Kirkwood has the highest base (other than Mammoth which is a bit of a drive from Tahoe), so it will tend to slush up later...

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I know it's past the OPs ski date, but I just bought the online special Northstar is having for its last weekend 4/18-19.  $40 gets you lift tickets for both Saturday and Sunday, but you have to buy it online atleast a day in advance.  I've never been to Northstar before, but even if it sucks I still can't complain for that price. 

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Thanks for all of the tips. I ended up skiing Northstar on Tuesday and Wednesday - it was great; and Squaw Thursday, which all worked out pretty good. I must say, I do like Northstar quite a bit now that I've been there. And I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours at Mt. Rose after I landed Monday and again before I flew out on Friday - as a Flatlander from Chicago, I have to make every second count when I get out West! Now, if only I could sneak out to A-Basin for a few turns...

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