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Rossi or Salomon?

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I've been looking recently for twin tips ski for next season. I looked around and the best deal i found were 2 pairs of ski the same price: first one rossignol scratch bling at 270$ (canadian dollar!!) w/o bindings and the second one are the salomon threat same price w/o bindings.

I ski in quebec so not much of powder more hard surface trail. What i'm searching for is a ski that would be great in the park but also nice in the all-mountain part!

Another thing...i used to ski 160 atomic race ski with big bindings on them and feel pretty confortable doing 360 or 720...the scratch bling only come in 170 and i'm 5'8" compare to the threat that come in 160. I mostly do big air not much of rail.

Finally i've found 161 line anthem 2007/08 that i could probably have for 180$...am i better with does one for the price!

Thanks everyone:P!

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Search Ebay.....ebay can be your friend. I have seen some saweet deals on there just make sure they are willing to ship to Canada before you bid. Otherwise, I would go for a Rossi way before a soloman. The rossi scracth BCs are a pretty fun ski. Otherwise I would steer you away from line......but I am a biased person...for twinies I like either Rossis (their older stuff) or Armada.


Be paitent ski deals will present themselves.

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go for the rossis theyre real fun

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