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Boot Flex Adjustment

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Is it easier to adjust boot flex up or down? i.e. if two models from the same bootmaker fit well and the only difference is one feels a little too stiff and other a little too soft, is it better to buy the stiffer model and try to get the flex softened? or buy the softer model and try to get it stiffened up a little?

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Well I am going to chime in before someone on here comes after you.


Go to a good bootfitter.......it can save you a lot of hassle. Not to mention a good bootfitter will do wonders and get their opinions.


Here is my process. I research and try on many pairs of ski boots. I then narrow down the types and styles of boots that I prefer. After I purchase the boots I put a trim to fit insole in them. Then I ski on them for about ten days (this allows the liners to pack out somewhat)....I then take the trim to fit out and have my custom insoles installed. I then have any other boot work performed that I may need which would include stiffening or softening, grinding, canting and so forth. I also take note of what needs to be done.


The ideal situtaion is to be fortunate enough to ski with your bootfitter......its what I get to part-take in.


Its hard for me to say what is easier for a bootfitter to do either stiffen or soften because I am not a bootfitter. For me personally I always go with a stiffer boot. But, I do prefer an aggressive skiing style and equipment. Now, this is were I see a lot of people over do it here. Some people have the mindset that if they buy the "best ski equipment" that they will magically become a better skier. Purchase something that you can enjoy and ski on.


So key points are here and my suggestion is find a reputable bootfitter in your area. Ask the local ski guys and or gals around on who and where that may be. Then have him fit a boot for you. Remember your ski boot is the most important piece of equipment in skiing. If your not comfortable with them, then you will not be able to appreciate the sport.


Maybe you could list what boots you are thinking about comparing and your skier stats (IE weight, height, skiing ability and style). The bottom line is that we can not fully diagnose what ski boot is better for you. You will know what is the most comfortable for you in fitment, and trust of the equipment.

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All good advice that  was said.


better to make a stiff boot softer



BEST to have  a boot that fits right.  ie:  adjusting the flex of a boot that is too big = worthless

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