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Video Analysis of TomB

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OK everyone, the guy in the video posted by dchan is me (see link below). Don't be shy, voice your opinion. Or at least admire the nice snow we got that day in Brighton.

Video of TomB

[ March 11, 2003, 09:39 AM: Message edited by: TomB ]
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I can't get the video to work, but certainly you ski beyond what is necessary for level 1 cert. You need to take the 1st tracks program and also be involved with a ski school though to get some teaching hours.

I'd say go for it. You'll get a lot better in your skiing with many opportunities to learn.

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Freeskiing-wise your skills seem ample for level 1.(I'd also tag the skills package as represented on the terrain in the video as beyond level 7.) BUT that doesn't guarantee the same holds true for skiing the tasks.

And then there is the knowledge of skills & development, teaching, etc. Also the National Standard is to acquire at least 10 hrs of actual teaching time before taking the exam. That is an important part of it!!

As long as the motivation is to develop some knowledge and skill so you can help other people and then see if it is really there I say find out what it takes and go for it.

But if you just ski around and manage to hook up with some test you can finagle into without going through the training that is supposed to go along with the process it is likely that even something as simple as a level I exam will end up being a bad experience.

That said. You do ski at a higher general skill level than many skiers I have certified as level 1 instructors.

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I can't hear any hoopin' and hollerin'. What's up with that?!?

Cut up powder...NO people...pretty good visibility. Yep, I definitely would've been lettin' out a few yee-haws like this fool!

Couldn't hurt for extra points in the "skiing is fun" portion of the course!

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