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Salomon Pilot 8's??

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I have been skiing on straight K2's since I started skiing 10 years ago and am looking into getting something new. I only ski about 10 days a year, so I don't want to spend a whole lot. I like to ski all types of terrain and by no means am I a master at any of it. I have heard about the likes and dislikes of the Pilot 10 and it seems like it would be a good ski for me as I am not super aggressive. How does the 8 compare. Also my current skis are 185's, should I look into a little shorter length of shaped ski?
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I skied them both last year. If they have changed much then this may not be worth reading but I really loved the 8. It was a very easy ski to ski at very slow pace on an easy green run with my 3 yr old niece...it made easy round arcs at super slow speed. And with my nieces father, my older brother, I was floating through open bowl powder and trees. Super confident.

The only time it felt squirrely was on a chopped up blue run where I felt it was never truly in contact with the hard/soft snow transition.

The 10 was more stable at speed. I never got the 8 flying too fast (nor did I take it through bumps). The 10 was stiffer. It has changed I understand so how it compares to what I was on...?? The 10 was a higher end ski though. It wanted to be pushed harder. I may have been able to overpoer the 8 but never really tried to do so.

I am 37 yrs YOUNG, ski the entire mtn and am comfy most anywhere. I weigh 180 and skied the 180cm 8 and 10. From the info you provided I would defintely get a taste of the 8. It won't demand too much room you so you can go enjoy them all over at moderate speeds.

Good luck!
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There are two Pilot models I've heard of. One is the Scream Pilot and the other is the Crossmax Pilot, and each has an 8 and a 10. To which are we referring here? I am interested in trying the Scream Pilot 8 in a 170, as I weigh under 145 pounds and am an avid but intermesiate skier.
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I was referring to last years blue ski. I saw it in a local shop and it semed to be the same blue ski. But I am not sure.

Oboe, it would be worth your time to figure out which ski this years is last years 8 cuz, as I wrote above, really enjoyed it.

The binding system offered a different than the traditional setup and really helped those skis turn easily in nice round arcs.
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Oboe, The Crossmax Pilot comes in a 10, 9, and 8. The 10 is multi-colored red,blue and silver. The 9 is mostly silver and black and the 8 is blue.

In the Scream Pilot models the 10 is a greenish black, there is no 9 and the 8 in the mens is a kind of a burnt orange color and in the womens it is red.
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Thanks, Lucky. The one I've read about that seems interesting to me is the Scream Pilot 8. So which one is the guy above raving about?
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