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Looking to buy boots and skis for the first time.

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Hello all.


This is my first post and I've lurked for the past couple of months and have searched, but I know everybody's different, so I'm asking for some advice. I intend on going to a boot fitter to get the right boots sometime in the summer (when I have some money.) Anyway, the back story: 


Growing up, I played ice-hockey and was and still am a very good skater. I'm in very good shape and am coordinated, with good balance. I started skiing when I was 19 and skied a bunch that year and a little when I was 20. Between then and this year (I'm 24 now,) I hadn't skied because I just couldn't afford it. However, I went back and within the first day was doing blues and easy blacks again. I would consider myself an intermediate skier. I can ski with proper form and balance on crappy rented skis and boots and make parallel turns without using my poles (rest assured I do use poles when I ski, I was just implying that I don't need them for balance.) I haven't done much moguls, but I'm planning on doing more next season. The same with powder. Basically, I'm looking for skis and boots that will ease my improvement and help me ski the entire mountain from the groomers (when I teach my girlfriend how to ski) to powder and bumps (for when I ski with friends next year at A-Basin.) I've done some research and I think All-mountain skis are for me. I've been thinking of Völkl AC 3 Motions or AC 20s. However, I'm open to suggestions and Salomon Mission 6, Mission RS 7, or Fischer Soma MX Fit 80 boots. 


My feet aren't narrow nor are they wide, though the widest point is pretty wide. I'm 5'10" and 165 lbs. Let me know what you think.

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The best advise i can give you on boots is to not worry about the name on them but get in with a good boot fitter and get what fits you. You will know once it is on your foot. every brand fits different just as every foot is different.

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Thanks Berthoud! I figured that's what I'd get as far as advice on boots. Any ideas about skis? Some more info on me, after doing some research I've got myself narrowed down to an upper Level 7 skier. I'm thinking of trying skis at 170 cm because I don't want to pick too much ski for myself. I'm 5'10" so 170 would be about nose length. I think my best bet will be to demo the AC 3Motion and AC 20 but if any of you have advice on other brands, please let me know. 

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I tried the Mission 6 and RS7 by Solomon the other day at Ski Market ... I'm going back to pick up my 28.5's RS7's as they're on sale for $250 w/tax and they felt great when I tried them ...

Going to be using these with my brand new Volkl TigerShark 10's @ 175 ... SNOW ALREADY!
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