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As of now I own a pair of the Blizzard Titan Argos iq-180 cm. Have the integrated Duke mounted on them and really dig them for a back country ski. However after jumping on a pair of old (white aspen) Gotamas I immediately loved how damp and forgiving they are. The burly-ness of the titans is great but I am really wanting a twin tip version.


I am about 6 foot and weigh around 180 with gear. I spend about equal time on and off piste. I need something that will hold an edge and rip like mad but also perform great in the deep stuff.


As of now I am considering the Gotama and the Answer/Akira from Blizzard. Both seem similar in a lot of ways and was leaning towards the Blizzard because due to the fact that they aren't made in china and i dont see hundreds on the slopes every time I go up. However the slight rocker on the 09 Goats loods pretty awesome.


Has anyone skied both and could offer an opinion?