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Bindings for IM78

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Just got a pair of '09 IM78s from DAWGCATCHING before they change in '10. What would you recommend as far as bindings. Is one version better/worse than another in regards to Railflex or flat binding.What is going to give me the best feel of the ski/snow.

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Go flat...I did on my 88s, love it.  I have the LD12s on mine.

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I'd go flat for sure, if you are looking for snow feel.  I have some extra LD-12 and Peak-12 bindings, some new in box -- let me know if you go that route, maybe we can work a deal.  I had Peak 12s on my iM78s.

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I've tried this ski with both flat and Railflex bindings.  If this ski is going to be used as a "50/50" ski...all-mountain, versatility in mind, the Railflex is a great choice b/c of the ability to adjust forward and backward on the ski. 


If you are going to use it as a groomer ski mostly, which is what I use it for, then the Railflex or Freeflex...something with a little lift, works great with this ski for carving.


If you are going to use this mostly off-piste, a flat binding might be better, but the pros of the RF binding on this particular ski so outweight the minuses that I still don't see why you would. I personally did not feel much difference in "snow feel" between the 2 on this ski.  It is a damp ski and snow feel is not going to be its forte either way.

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For 50/50, and you want snowfeel, obviously flat will work well. Tyrolias of some kind are hard to beat for this ski. LDs if you want to keep weight down.  

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Weel thank you for responding. I gess these 3 post said it all. 219 i told Scott to just hold the 78s till i decided on a binding. I think it may be a better deal to have him mount them and ship to me instead of getting them flat and then getting them mounted up. But thanks for the offer.

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