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East Coast Ski Selection

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I'm from the East Coast but ski more than half of my 25 days each year on the West Coast (mostly Tahoe and Utah).  I'm 6'4"/205#  level 8/9 skier and I currently only ski a 184 Mythic Rider.  I just found out I will be moving further up the coast so I want to add a dedicated East Coast ski to the quiver.


These will be used almost exclusively on trail and will definitely see some bumps.  If there is any kind of fresh/chopped up snow I will be skiing the Mythic Riders.  I realize I am going at two polar things here, a great ice carver and also soft enough for the bumps.  I have been looking at the Dynastar Contact 4x4 and the Head Supershape Magnums in a 178/177 length.  Are there any other skis I should be considering along with these?  The 4x4's are still too expensive and the SS Magnums are very hard to find.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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i ski the 4x4's in 178 and they have GREAT frontside performance and are MANAGEABLE in the bumps. i was in mammoth after a thaw/refreeze cycle with typical spring-like conditions: very firm (maybe not by EC standards... but, by far, the hardest i've seen out west all year) in the morning and softening throughout the day. i was almost certainly the only person railing turns in the AM, whereas most people were barely even turning. edge hold? check. however, while i was definitely able to get down the bumps at the top of the mountain, the skis did not help me at all. they were kinda just along for the ride. they are a bit stiff and have too agressive of an edge to truly excel. i bought these skis as my most frontside, groomer-oriented ski that could also be somewhat versatile offtrail. with respects to that, i find these to be a huge success. however, i also have public enemies for REALLY bumpy days. so if you want skis that still carve but are better in the bumps than just manageable, i would look at the contact 11/limited/whatever it is named on any given year (you know... the top of the line contact ski from before they introduced the 4x4...). it's a little softer and a little narrower, so it'll be better in the bumps, but, not having skied it myself, i hear it still really excels on groomers. but that's just my $0.02


edit: you have 40lbs. on me so you might be able to manage the 178 4x4's in the bumps a bit better than i could. but you might also still consider the 4x4 in a 172, as wildcat is of a similar size and he skis it in that length and he seems to think it is fine on the groomers in that size, and the 6cm less might be the difference in the bumps for you.

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I agree with lukc in regards to the 4x4, "manageable" being the key word.  You could get into the 178cm which will help in bumps.  Still, hardpack carving and bumps are two things difficult to get perfect in one single ski.  I might look to something like the Head iM78 as a ski that can hit both requirements better overall.  It will give up some hardpack carving capability to the 4x4 for sure, but be better in bumps and in slightly softer snow (stuff that still wouldn't justify the Mythics).  I used the iM78 as my hardpack ski most of this season, and it did fine.  And it's got a short enough radius that it is real fun in the bumps.

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What about the Rossignol B3 or the newer Phantom 80. I ski the east coast and find they both work well to carve and are nimble in the bumps and when we get 6 inches or less of fresh snow. I like that they are nimble and quick edge to edge. I have not skied the Head models suggested so I cannot comment on them. I have skied the IM88 and liked it in 6 inches of fresh snow and it was much more solid and stable than the Rossignol on hardpack. Good luck.

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Thanks jmcosmo65, but I pulled the trigger on a pair of Dynastar Contact 4x4 in 178 2 days ago from Sierraskis.  The deal was too good and the reviews on the skis were too great to pass up.  I can't wait to get on them next season..it will be a long off season of staring at them against the wall.

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