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anybody knows

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what is the pitch of alta 1, 2 and 3  as well as tower 3 shutes at jackson????

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Pretty cool site, but what does a lift name have to do with the pitch of a particular run? anyone have a site that rates angle by run or trail, chute or face etc?

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Here's one for a few east coast joints.


I've heard there's a way with Google Earth to measure pitch of stuff you zoom in on.



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BTW, the original poster was asking about trails at JHMR, not Alta.

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About 10 years ago I measured a bunch of the slope angles at JHMR.  I don't remember what the numbers where exactly, but I would say that tower 3 averages 35 degrees with Alta 1 & 2 being a bit steeper.  I was surprised at the time that stuff wasn't steeper.  Most people grossly overestimate the steepness of pitches they are skiing.  Also those chutes get bumped and rutted and are not easy to accurately measure. 

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do you agree, the alta 2 is steeper than 1??

what is the steepest run within JHMR excluding corbet's???


appreciate your answ, just got back from last weekend at JH

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Tagging on to what tetonpwdrjunkie said, I'll add just a little. 


All the runs you asked about vary in pitch from top to bottom.  In general, the tops of all of those runs are steeper than the bottom (thanks mostly to erosion, I suspect).  In all of them, the steepest portions of the runs only last for a few turns at best.


Here's what I got from inclinometer measurements a few years ago.  As tpj says, it's difficult to get a consistent measurement because of moguls and whatnot.  These are just close-enough estimates - within a couple of degrees - at the steepest points:


Alta 1:  41 (upper skier's-left shoulder for four or five turns)

Alta 2:  42 (at the "entrance" but only for maybe two turns)

Alta 3:  38 (kind of nebulous on where you would measure A-3)

Tower 3:  41 (also upper skier's left shoulder, for maybe three or four turns)


There actually aren't that many *really* steep runs at JH.  Our reputation comes more from having a huge amount of terrain that most skiers would consider "steep" but probably not killer-steep.  We have a whole lot of terrain in the 35 to 38-degree range, but very little above 41 degrees.


Some of the other steep spots on the mountain include Hanging Snowfield (which was never officially open this winter), Mushroom Chutes/Hoop's Gap, portions of the Expert Chutes, and many shots off the walls of middle and lower Dick's Ditch.  Most of these have short sections (two to four turns) of almost 45 degrees. 





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thank you very much!!!!

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Bob Peters gave the answers. But, I found a cool site that shows a variety of different hills color coded by steepness. Just from a glance, it is obvious that Jackson Hole is steeper overall than any of the others. Check it out, I think you will find it informative

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