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The ski season is winding down, so it is time to reflect on the best moments of your 2008-09 season.


I thought it would be fun to gather some of the best home ski videos on my webpage at

"If your moments were caught on tape and uploaded to YouTube, share them with others. Sorry, no new skis or such are at stake; bragging rights are the only prize. To participate, simply enter the exact title of the video and YouTube user name in the comments section of this article through April 30. The comments section does not allow URLs or links, so the videos may be found with a YouTube search using the submitted information. Feel free to lobby in your comments as to why your video is the coolest of the season. The three videos that are judged to be "Best in Show" will be embedded on this page in early May."


If you're really brave and want to subject yourself to Bears' critique , put the video info in this thread also.(actually you can do the actual link on here). I already want nominate catskills video that's on the board here.


While on the subject of videos, this one's professional so it doesn't really count for above and I think it's somewhat old (so forgive me if it's been posted on here before) but I ran across a video by SkiUtah (I think, at least their logo is at the end) that's really cool and worth checking out.


It has some cool editing and music.