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Open File error

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In the last few days I've started getting errors on and off like this:

File Save error


This particular time I clicked on Mark Posts Read.  I have also gotten something similar when clicking on the Next New Post icon next to the thread title.  It'll happen a few times, then clear up. 


Firefox 3.1, XP


I don't think it's browser specific, so I'll see if it happens in IE7....

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Is anyone else seeing this?


If so, if you can provide the URL that failed, and the time at which you saw the error, that'd be very helpful

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Got another, once again Firefox and XP.  Was using IE7 for a while, but it froze and I went back to Firefox.  All I did was click on the little icon to the left of the thread title.


File Save Error

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Thanks for sending the file along.  It was helpful, but inconclusive.  If you can spend more time in IE7, that would help.


And again, if anyone else is seeing this, please let us know!

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