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... ownership.


The wild and remote ski mountain at Glencoe in western Scotland is about to change hands. The network of seven lifts, which includes one of the world's few remaining single chairlifts, serves a maximum vertical of about 2500 vertical feet when the snow is full enough to ski down to the valley. The snowline normally gives about 1500ft vertical.


Glencoe's owners, who put the mountain on the market in mid March, report that two worthwhile offers are on the table.


This report from Lochaber News:


Glencoe's website:


Development plans for the skiing, sightseeing, mountainbiking and paragliding include a gondola lift, potentially.


I've skied Glencoe when the snow was deep enough to bury the pylons of one of its T-bar lifts. The place has an amazing panorama of the wilderness of Rannoch Moor.


Anyone else got any special memories ... or thoughts for the future of Glencoe?