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New push, new stuff, check it out

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Yesterday, we pushed new updates to EpicSki.  While most of the changes are seamless with the last iteration, you might notice:

  1. A preview button on forum posts
  2. Autocomplete tagging
  3. The ability to search individual forum posts
  4. The ability to see who is currently active on the site
  5. In-line private message responses


Preview button on forum posts

On your forum posts, along with the "Use Full Page Editor" button, you will notice the button now says "Use Full Page Editor / Preview." 

As soon as you enter text into your reply box and click the full page editor/preview button, you will have the ability to preview exactly what your post will look like in the forums and edit it with the full page editor which appears directly below the preview.




Add tags with autocomplete feature

Tagging is now significantly easier.  While there are still the options to use the tag browser or search for tags, the new default option is to use the autocomplete tool.  When you open the tagging tool, simply start typing the tag and a list of the relevant product, category, and miscellaneous tags will appear.  Select the tags you wish to apply to the thread or wiki and continue as usual.



Search individual posts

When using Advanced Search, you can now search individual posts for keywords, etc.  At the bottom of the advanced search form, you will see the Additional Search Options.  The last drop down menu allows you to search either threads or for specific forum posts. 



See who is currently active

At the bottom of the page above the footer, you may have noticed the status bar that lets you know how many users and how many guests are currently online.  With yesterday's update, now you can see exactly who's online at any given moment.



Reply in-line in private messages

When you open a private message you have received, you will automatically have a reply box embedded at the bottom of the message, as opposed to using a reply popover.



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(I copied the previous post by stins over from another forum.)


Thanks for the hard work, dev team!

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The new preview post is great.  I still wish when linking to photos from Photobucket, the photo fit completely into the editor window.


Is there a way to embed pics into a private message?  The add picture icon is gone.

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Hey, it also appears that the Safari right click spell check is now working, YAY!


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