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A thank you to all

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I am a 50yo man and have been skiing since age 11.   My days ranged from 100+ per season to 10 to 15 until moving to Kansas in 1993.  I skied 2 days in 2000 and not again until this past season when I skied 4 days at Keystone.


I have vowed to never miss a season again.  At Keystone I demoed a pair of Volkyl Mantras and really liked them except the rental boots were too big and had only a 50 flex.  Had to tighten the boots all the way and still ended up really curling my big toes under to drive my turns.


I bought a pair of boots from SierraSki.com and am really excited about next year.  I bought a pair of Salomon Impact 10s.  Using info from here and other research I got the right size.  Barely 1 1/2 fingers behind my heel in the shell.  The boots feel tight but now I know they are supposed to. 


Thanks for all the wisdom and guidance.  And the discount code!

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Somehow, this sounds like a goodbye... so I'll be the first to say it:


What are you talking about? :)


With the proper equipment (especially the right boots) your love and appreciation of the sport will grow.  One day, you may wake up sweaty and breathless and realize that you want more...  more skis, more turns, more places, more peers.  You may find yourself suddenly to be a Barking Bear (or even a TGR Maggot)!


So we look forward to seeing you here again!

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Not goodbye at all!  I still need skis.    Lots of great info here.  This sport continuously changes.  many changes since I began and many just since 2000.  Fat skis.  Shaped skis.  New techniques.  I still have alot to learn.  I'll be here.


I just wanted to say thanks for all the help so far.



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This is an example of someone who's first post on Epic was in the Sierra Skis give away, but then he followed up by asking questions about demoing some gear and buying some boots.


Nice to see that the draw of free skis has brought someone to the forum who has gleaned from the advice of folks who are gear junkies.  

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Cool, hope to see you around more Mark.  Impact 10s are great boots. 

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