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Wow! I'm glad Telluride got some snow just before we arrived last Friday.  The only problem was, the snow underneath the powder was frozen and crusty, which made for an interesting day.  Temperatures got fairly warm in the afternoon, making the bottom around Mountain Village a little slushy.  The Street Dance Friday night was a blast as always, and it was well-attended by some of the area's more "interesting" characters!  There was a sort of haze in the sky, and someone mentioned that they had been getting dust storms in the area.  Saturday was an even more interesting day with more new snow, but a sort of "pink" layer underneath.  I thought at first it was because the snow had melted in the afternoon and then refroze, but I found out later that the pinkish layer was actually from the dust storm the night before!  That made for some really weird skiing!  It made the surface sort of a stop-and-go thing - unlike anything I had ever skied before.  We still had a good time and checked out the new Revelation Bowl which had about 18 inches of fluff on it.  The afternoon again became quite warm with slush at the lower elevations.  Sunday was the best - new snow again - and this time the high was around 10 degrees, so the new snow was light and fluffy.  This was my fourth trip to Telluride on their closing weekend, and I have never been disappointed!