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Six days of fun skiing. 

Bumpfreak at WP/MJ - he can wear a guy out.

UL, SugarCube, Fastman and his photograper, Kneale and Monica at Breck for a couple days.

Vail - DonD, Betsy, MrVertical, Dave, tsavo, Kess, Marcia, Tracy, Patrick and Mike.  Fun Crew, lots of snow and a little volcanic ash thrown in.  The snow had a layer of brown ash from the nights snowfall, presumably from Alaska.  It was still good.

Keystone - Mr Vertical, ski-3po and 6 yr old daughter Natalie.  Needless to say, Natalie was the star.  A true tree skier.  Even though it was cold in the morning - never a single complaint.  I will say that when she turns about 15, Scot will have his hands full fighting off the suitors.  

Sorry - no time for pics.