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SCSA Withdrawal

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It's been two days or so, and I haven't read a new post by SCSA. I haven't even read a post that caused a sigh, let alone a good old fashioned groan.

It's like an old truck that loses an incesant sqeak after 100,000 miles or so. Just when you were getting used to it . . .

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Be careful of what you wish for, it might come true!
Maybe the Warden took away the PC?
Quit chummin' the water!<FONT size="1">

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Yeah, and people are getting so bored that they're flaming ME!!
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I was going to ask the same question. I went so far as to check his last post. I miss the guy. This place would be dull without him.

SCSA come home!
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Quit agitating!!
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scsa's been gone much longer than a day and a half before...
Anyway, y'all suck, can't ski worth a damn, and talk funny too. so there...
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Is disagreeing flaming??
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SCSA's alive, and kicking computers...

He's amused and oddly touched (we already knew that ) that you miss him, the Howard Stern of Epic-Ski...

Rusty! Dave Holdcraft is a great guy, fun supervisor. Glad you had the chance to work with him. At this year's ski school party he did a ROCKING kareoke version of Jim Morrison "Breaking on thru to the other side". He's the Lizard King, now!

I've been kicking those silly 'puters myself!

Hey what's down this run? SnoKarver
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SCSA is a necessary phenomena. Who's tougher than SCSA?

The JS thing was stupid. He/she/it needs to loosen up. I mean, JS goes into this big stupid thing. Who cares if someone calls you a moron? What? Is your life is over? Take it as a friggin compliment that someone thinks enough of you to rag on you . And BTW, JS, the minute you piss me off, the nicest thing I'll call you is a moron! So there.

I'm skiing next summer, no doubt about it. This not skiing thing is terrible - I'll never let it happen again.

Checked out the books. Now this, is pretty good. That Ellen Post gang gets it. Looked like good stuff.
I'm serious about the clone comment, although I may not be sure just who is and who isn't one. And who's ever been ragging on Harald, they're wrong. The man is doing something great - he's a hero.

Here's another hero.
I saw this kid yesterday at Twist and Shout, my record store http://www.twistandshout.com. Been going there for years.

Anway, there's this kid (boy) there, an employee, all decked out in Bau Haus (sp?) gear. Hair painted black, black plastic pants, and even his finger nails were black. Definitely what part of the culture (that I abhor) would refer to as a freak.

But I was so impressed by this young fellow. I mean, I fell in love with the kid. You know how much courage it takes to go out in the world each day like him? Oh man. He's a teenager, can you imagine what he has to go through in school?

Wow! This is a kid that I'm impressed with.

So as I'm admiring him, my first thought was that this kid is going places in life. I instantly predicted big things for him.

I walked up to him and told him what a hero I thought he was and that I hoped my son would someday be a hero - as he's doing. That I'd take him anywhere and how proud I'd be of him. It felt good to know that he was feeling good by talking with me.

Sure enough, I was right. I'm always right.

I know the owner of the store, Paul Epstein. I asked Paul about him and told him that I thought he was going places and sure enough, Paul tells me that he's 16, already graduated from high school. That next year, he's going to some college back east, Sarah Lawrence? I guess this is a very good college.

Anyway, kids like this are what is right and what is good. I wish there was more kids like him.

We need heroes. This kid is a hero, Harald is a hero. A mother is a hero. On the other end, so is Carly Fiorina. Let's encourage, not discourage, anything that's heroic and that is heroic effort. Of course, my definition of heroic.

Now I get it, create the post in Word to get the spell checking. Nah, this way, I have to check spelling myself - better. If I keep letting the computer tell me how to spell, I'll eventually forget how.

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Maybe taking a break from the lithium SCSA?
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interesting that SCSA finds Ellen Foster Post as Getting it. If you watch her video on the art of carving and read the book, it has very specific progressions that include gliding wedges and turning wedges. It also includes skidded traverses and wide stances. The book (I'm reading it now) also advocates that the book/video can be used on it's own, with the assistance of a instructor/coach, as a step by step progression or just as a reference. It does have lots of exercises to follow but it also promotes using a PSIA or other coach/instructor eye to assist in problems and making sure you stay on track.

Just some thoughts.
I'm watching the video and reading the book. I'll give a review soon.
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Interesting also that Ellen Post Foster was a PSIA Demo Team member for at least two terms. You'd never believe this squeaky-voiced tiny little girl could manipulate her skis so well. And that was in the days of long, stiff straight skis.
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SCSA, my whole point was (assuming you actually want clarification), when someone says to a "JS" that:

"BTW, simply changing your user name does not make you less of the arrogant, condescending moron then you have been in the past. You might be a bit more creative though. Simply using the initials of your real name is, duh, a bit obvious, don't you think?"

I would like to know:
1. To which person with the initials J.S. is this addressed?
2. To what posts of said person with the initials J.S. does this refer?

Despite repeated requests, this information has never been revealed, so I suppose it will have to remain a complete mystery.
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I deserve that.
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But I was so impressed by this young fellow. I mean, I fell in love with the kid. You know how much
courage it takes to go out in the world each day like him? Oh man. He's a teenager, can you imagine
what he has to go through in school?


No SCSA, he's not a hero he's a child.

In the 50's it was a black leather jacket.

In the 60's it was mod clothing.

In the 70's,80's,90's it was......

The kids just trying to get...uh...a date!

You need to come to terms with heroism. The young man is just trying to draw attention to himself.

People trying to be different and draw attention to themselves, now there is an interesting concept! Whom might we know who is trying to be different than 97% of the population!

Heroic? I don't think so.

Different than 97% of the population? Yea maybe.

Intent upon drawing attention? Apparantly.

The kid was probably so saddened to be called a hero that he went home and bought a Lands End Polo and a pair of Khaki's.
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Rob-What were you thinking????
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I agree with Rusty. Rusty is a hero. If he's not a hero to you, he's a hero to himself, because he saved himself. He did the right thing because it was right, not to draw attention to himself. All this kid is doing is drawing attention to himself by the way he dresses. Which, by the way, is NOT very unique these days. Been to the mall lately? They're all over the place. On top of that, he isn't "going somewhere" because of the way he dresses. He was going to get there no matter how he dressed. But because he know's he's fairly intelligent, it makes it easier for him to dress that way. The real hero is the person who can be the best at what they do without needing to draw attention to themselves.

A real hero is someone who will do the right thing when noone is watching
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Rusty is definitely a hero!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

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You must be totally in awe of Charlie Manson.

The real hero is the kid who bucks the trend and ignores MTV and goes to MIT........

Why bother........... pearls before swine!
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You Got It, Yuki, with all three comments.
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SCSA, I must be missing something here, because I've found that people like that kid tend to be losers. Lord knows I've worked with enough of them! What made you feel the way you did about this one?
On the other hand, if you are trying to make a point about how harshly society views people outside the mainstream culture, I think the responses here prove it very well.
Please explain.
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