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Weight issue with freestyle boards

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Hey everyone! 


I am riding snowboard since 8 years now and would like to get a freestyle board. My current board is a Burton Baron 167. So quite big for park action. My problem is that I am 6'3, boot size 12 and about 210-220 lbs (equals 95-100kg). I would like to get a board from Lib Tech or GNU with magnetraction.

My to options so far:

GNU Riders choice MTX wide 158 or 162

Lib Tech Dark Series MTX 161 wide


But my concern is my weight. Lib Tech says about the appropriate weight for the Dark Series 135+ ... is that in kg or lbs? GNU doesnt have any weight informations in their board specs at all...

What do you think about the weight issue? Is 158 to small? Will I feel a huge difference when I reduce my board lenght just 5cm?




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If you like the bigger boards, why not just get a Skunk Ape?  I am 6'6", 235 +/- lbs with a size 15 foot and I started the season on a Skunk Ape 172 for my freestyle board this year.  If I were you, I would not go that big, but something in the mid - high 160's would probably be alright.

Whatever you do, never listen to little people about what board you should be riding.  If I had a dollar for everytime some little squirrel told me that my board is too big...


I have ridden everything from a 154 - 184.  Probably my favorite all around (and freestyle) board is a Custom X Wide 168.  I wouldn't mind if that were a little longer either.


Personally, I will not ride anything shorter than a 166 anymore.


My $.02

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Yo Phil,


How's the weather up there? BTW I've been told a Custom X is a little stiff for freestyle.




That 135+ is in pounds. You will feel the difference in length when doing tricks in the park. Shorter is easier to spin and easier to ride smaller half pipes (where the board may be longer than the transition). 158 is not too small. Nonetheless, I agree with Phil that you don't have to go shorter than 167. I'm 5'10", 240 and ride a Custom X wide 168.

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Originally Posted by therusty View Post

BTW I've been told a Custom X is a little stiff for freestyle.

How big was the person that told you that?  That is the bottom line.  I would bet that they were not my size. 


The Custom X feels like a freestyle noodle to me.  None of us in this thread fit the "average snowboarder" mold. 

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Well, let's put it this way: after he made the statement I crushed him like a grape.


The caveat was made that certain people were "big" enough to bend the board. After which we borrowed some Burton LTR boards to make the point that it was possible (even for extra large people) to ride softer boards.

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If I plug your specs into 

  assuming you are an expert.. It gives me a bunch of 162 boards...
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 at 210 I wouldnt ride less than a 158. and nothing softer than a K2 Jibpan, or a Libtech TRS.

One board I usually recommend to riders looking for a versatile freestyle board, but are larger, is the Never Summer SL-R. Its a R/C board (using Never Summers combination of both) that would fit your style quite well at 161cm. It has Never Summers Vario grip which works well and combined with a 3 year warranty is a good option I feel.

Size is a preference, at 6'0 and 180 lbs. I ride a K2 WWW quite frequently, I also own a 157 Bataleon Enemy, and a 168 Nidecker Megalight. So depending on your skill, ability to adapt, and style you should have no problem with a board in the low 160's
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