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Snowplanet (near Auckland), New Zealand's only indoor snow facility, is hiring 35 new staff and saying that it can grow its business in the face of the international downturn in the ski industry.


Snowplanet's spokeswoman Heather Reid said: "In the four years we have been in operation, Snowplanet has gone from being a concept to a top leisure activity currently attracting more than 150,000 people every year. We've become renowned for our unique destination and we want to be sure that our service ethic stays on par with this."


This report from The New Zealand Herald:


Here in the UK we now have five snowdomes in England and Scotland, with a sixth opening next month in Hemel Hempstead (27 miles north of London, and the closest to the capital).


What's the situation in the US? I recall that there was a plan to build one as part of a shopping complex - in New Jersey?


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