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Hi all - Old guy who's gotten involved in rec racing, have some plugs I've been skiing pretty much as is, believe it or not (they fit decently out of the box except for being silly tight, needed one minor adjustment), want to see if planing will step things up for me. 


Joker is that I have degenerative osteoarthritis in my left knee, no medial meniscus for 35 years, probably not much of an ACL left, nice bone to bone contact. So I wear a Donjoy, 5-6 degrees adjustment (yes, really that much), all good. I also have simple aftermarket inserts to support my fairly overpronated feet. No post because of the brace. 


So: 1) Will planing really help as much as it does someone with normal knees, or will the variation introduced by the brace wash out the effect of the sole change? For instance, even with the brace I'm not correctly angled from the left knee, so different dynamics operating on the left foot. Right knee and foot are comparatively normal. 2) If I would benefit, and get it done, would I change the loads on my knee enough that I'd need a major readjustment of the brace? (These custom things run thousands of $, cannot really be modified much without starting from scratch.) 


Thanks for your ideas.