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Summer Skiing

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I get a few weeks of leave this summer from mid July to the beginning of August and I'm looking for a place to go skiing.  I know South America or any place where it's winter at that time is best, but I don't want to have to spend that much money.  Are there any good places to go in the US or Canada around this time.  I know the glacier skiing is open in Whistler at this time and there's also Mt. Hood, but is it worth it to go to these places or is the snow pretty bad at that time of year.  Any info on these places or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, both on their snow conditions and nightlife.  Thanks for the help.

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Les Deux Alpes, France

Real snow, easy to get to the lift in town, and it's only 1 lift up to the skiing. ( You have to walk out at the  halfway station and switch to the next gondola because the cable would be too long, but it's the same lift)

Whistler - a loooong time to get to the skiing.

Then you've got the food in the Alps.

The town is sort of the Killington of the Alps, but there's old towns accessible by gondola or bike and there's plenty to do.  There's plenty of nightlife, but Whistler probably still has everyone beat. You can also visit La Grave nearby and go rafting down there.  If you time it right and do a little research, you might be able to see the riders from the Tour de France bike up the mountains nearby. I think the Tour went there in '02.


Bottom line: there's nothing like the Alps.  We skied every conditon in one week from actual powder, corn snow, slush, and firm.  Seriously, if it were New England in the winter we would've been happy to have been that good. Note that you only ski till about 1pm.

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Whistler - a loooong time to get to the skiing.


so true - you have to wait until noon to upload, the summer schools have all the terrain in the morning and its mostly slush inthe afternoon. Go to whistler during the regular ski season.

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The only US lift-served skiing open during your time frame would be Mount Hood.  At that time of year it's dominated by race camps.  You can only ski a narrow lane on the Palmer snowfield and it wouldn't be worth traveling a long ways for the skiing.  However, the experience of the historic Timberline Lodge, views from the mountain at the other Cascade volcanoes along with the Columbia Gorge are cool.  Some people climb Hood an ski it, but people also die on the mountain every year.   Plenty of people hike and board/ski  Mount Rainier's Muir snowfield at that time, and it is a fairly safe route in clear weather.   But it can get bad weather any time of the year.  Are you sure you don't want to go to South America?

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If you want good skiing you won't find it in NA at that time of year.  Blackcomb has poor conditions as noted earlier and only a couple of T-bars open that you have to mount an expedition to get to.  Mt. Hood is better, but only if you like skiing on a cow field with one end jacked up.  The main reason to ski either place in the summer is to: 1) Train for competition, or 2) Say you've done it.


If you can't get to SA or NZ, then do something else that's enjoyable.

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