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Skiing is a game of movement.Continuous and flowing. This type of movement is generated by the right side of the brain. It is here that we visualize the painting and bring it to life on the canvas with our brush. In skiing the slope is our canvas and the skis our brush. Visualizing the movements of a great skier prior to skiing a run can elevate your performance as can following a better skier if one is able to let go of conscious thought and just create movement from the visual image in front of you.

Disski- I agree with you that a good instructor should be able to provide you with answers to any questions you might have, in great detail, if necessary. But, and this is a REALLY BIG BUT, a great instructor would insist that you use only one small bit of all the information given when you actually try to ski. Giving the student a simple, clear focus point prior to skiing is one of the keys to getting results. In your posts you seem to be afraid of any teaching style that requires you to quiet your intellect and trust that your right brain can get the job done.The movement is already in your head . You need to learn to let it out.I truly believe that this is the piece of the puzzle that will allow you to truly elevate your game. Your left brain is beating the sh*t out of your right brain. Tell it to stop!

Nolo-you are a Goddess. Another great post as usual.
Ya might just want to check my profile before you go to far there donnyb....

I have a BIG problem visualising movements - & it sort of makes sense if you think about it.
I am not sure - because this only came up the other day in a discussion with CalG - but I 'visualise' sensory feed - pretty much exclusively touch & pressure senses when I 'visualise'.
That is probably why 'watch & do' works so TERRIBLY with me - can't see & visualise.

That matches with one of the BIG breakthroughs being made when a VERY cluey instructor thought to 'feed' me pressure sensation HE felt in his feet onto my arm & have me try to replicate them!

Just for interest - it is pretty much a given that I ski with only 1 focus - atm often 'Don't stop'. However that is based on me having LEARNT a big repetoire of movements which I am now capable of 'using'(well sort of [img]redface.gif[/img] ). Without that repetoire I would be STUFFED if I tried to follow - even filled with MIDAZOLAM so I could not think at all. [img]smile.gif[/img]

If your wondering why 'don't stop' works - it keeps me focused on nothing more than GOING.
We will do runs on trying to get more 'xxxxx' & then revert to 'Just skiing' once I have the 'xxxx' dialled in.
I'm told by one instructor that I am relatively quick to adapt ONCE I have worked out what is wanted(THAT is a BIG problem) - due to not being distracted by having a heap of years of having learnt something else in my brain.

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