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Vail/ BC/ Breck/ Keystone/ Copper Discounted tickets

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If anyone is coming to Vail/ BC/ Breck/ Keystone between now and closing day, I have a handful of discount employee coupons($45 tickets) good at any of the named areas (NOT A-Basin). They are available for the asking...


I have also given Tsavo a bunch of Copper Mtn 2 for1 coupons which are good for another week or so.


Contact me by PM if you are interested in these discount coupons....

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Nice offer VSP!  Beaver Creek closing is on 4/12 [with elk calving season here and the corridors the resort protects monitored closely].  Keystone also on the 12th.  Cop, Breck and Vail on the 19th

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Hello everybody!


Thanks for the interest in these discount coupons, but all the Vail/BC/Keystone/Breck coupons are now spoken for! I guess they are too good a deal, and they went fast! Wish I had more... Maybe I'll see if any other instrs have any they aren't using...


I'm not sure how many Copper Mtn coupons TSAVO has left, so PM her if you are interested in those!


Enjoy your skiing!

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For those interested, I think Keystone is doing 3 days for $99 (they close Sunday as previously stated, so this would have to be Fri-Sunday) and Vail is doing 7 days for $199 the last week of the season  (April 13-19). 


I also think A-basin is selling season passes for next year that will cover you for the rest of this season (including the pass that gives a handful of days at Breck/Keystone with one at Vail/BC).

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OK, one of the people who had requested the Vail / Breck discount coupons has now told me they are not needed... That puts them back into circulation!


If anyone needs any of these $45  Vail or Breck tix, PM me immediately! I'd hate for these not to be used!


And TSAVO might still have some of the Copper Mtn 2 for 1 coupons left... PM her for info!

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Thank you very much for the tickets.  I hope the trip home was safe and uneventful.


I will be reporting back about our trip on Sunday.  Just wish we could get up there Saturday too to enjoy this fine snow we are getting!



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Dear VSP,

   Thanks so much for the discounted tickets. We had a great 2 days at Vail and then spent 2 days at Breck during the snowstorm! In Vail we had to lather on the sunscreen and at Breck we were piled up in layers. We had everything from spring to mid-winter conditions. One of our best trips ever! And thanks to you, one where we even got to save some money!  I just can't thank you enough!



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A second mad props for VSP!


Thank you very much for the tickets!  We had a great time at Breckenridge on closing day, beautiful weather and good conditions.


I wish I could say I hiked up Peak 8 and skied the steeps, but instead it was a great day of skiing with the family on Peak 9.  My daughter was bummed that the Ripparoo Enchanted Forest was closed though.  I had told her about it beforehand, so she was excited to check it out.  She did get to see all the fun things it held inside and we told her we would have to come back next year.  Being the inquisitive 3 year old, she continued to ask why it was closed the rest of the day.  Too much snow I told her.  Why?


Regardless, it was a great day and she learned that she could actually get up by herself, without mom or dad picking her up after a fall or rest.  Well....being the three year old that she is, she thought that was pretty cool.  So we spent the rest of the run falling, getting up, falling, getting up.  She just wanted to play and it was fun watching her have a great time on the slopes.


I had purchased a pair of skis from SkiMangoJazz here on the forums just a couple of weeks ago, so I got test them out a little bit too.  They are the Fischer Watea 84's.  It was a lazy day of skiing for me so I don't have a good review of them now and it was difficult to compare them to the PE's I was on previously. 


It was a great day to finish off the season and I my daughter is already looking forward to next year....to check out the Enchanted Forest!  I'm looking forward to next year too...new skis to me, and meeting more great people on epic.






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