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Vail 4/09

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While overcast with contrast difficult on the backside, the constant snowfall made up for it on the 3rd with a great powder day.  Although not the UT faces shots some friend’s enjoyed while in SBird a couple of days earlier; this particular early April Vail snowstorm had it’s moments for me on Northstar:


Betsy coming down near chair 11:  


Backside, off chair 17, we run down some trees on Over Yonder:


I camouflage well with pine:



Coming next will be day two at Vail meeting up with some bears and friends...

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Nice pics--I noticed there was almost nobody on the lifts!

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Friends join up on the 4th and hold for a group shot in Sun Up Bowl


[starting left] Marcia, Karl, Birthday Boy Mr. Vertical who marks our avoidance zone with x-poles, Kes, Bklyn leans forward in red, Tsavo, Betsy, garyskr, Patrick and Mike who turns around.  The posse moved quickly about Vail with a real sense of purpose:



Bklyn looks on at Belles Camp as Marcia gets ready to snap it:




Mike on Tele:


Celebrating his birthday with style…Mr. Vertical:







Karl kicking it…:


These girls all rip...needing some fuel at two elk:


Tsavo leading charge:


Kes lights it up..:


Marcia flys by..:


Girl can move.  I just missed Bklyn flying over that lip as she touches down and speeds off:




Mr. Vertical likewise moving quickly horizontal:



It was a great day with friends, snow and adventure on the 5000 acre playground.


Next comes the sun and a slide with vsp..


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What’s this??  Sun over chair 10  : finally with the Sun shining and snow that dried surprisingly light overnight for a great 5th day of April; Betsy and Vail snopro make turns in Blue Sky Basin with chair 37 in the background:


Betsy and VSP in frame.  VSP moves smooth and quick over anything underfoot…a real treat to watch:


Ric and Betsy discuss turns and making every day till close count.  Go ski it


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As always.....thanks for sharin!! 

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It was a treat to meet Betsy finally, and to ski with both of you.....  Good fun! Hope to do it again soon, maybe before the season ends...

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What a crew!  What a day!  Wish I could have been there!!


Thanks for the pics though, it almost feels like I was =)

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Twas a fun day!  Thanks everyone!! 

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Thanks Don, for the great report and pics.

It's always fun to ski in Colorado.


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Originally Posted by SB77 View Post

Nice pics--I noticed there was almost nobody on the lifts!


Yes…while on an otherwise great snow day for Vail we find so little folks on the lifts or in line.  Not surprising however as when Denver has a protracted warm spell prior to Easter the skis are soon off to storage…of course that does not apply with folks on this forum  


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wow, what a spring!


tempting pictures

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Originally Posted by Thiago View Post


...tempting pictures

Yes they are  



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           As aways You da Man, when it comes to trip reports, (me thinks Epic should be paying you!)

Thanks for a Great day from all that were there!

And a Double Thank You For the B-day Lunch & Beers! Even after 29 years I still feel like a kid :) !

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29 years?????????

Once we reach a certain age, numbers can be a real challenge!



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That is a great TR!!!  I was at Vail today 4/10 and there was a dust storm sometime in the last week which brought in red dust from the Utah and New Mexico deserts.  The snow has melted down to the red level and is all red!!!!  It was really weird making red tracks.

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