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Dead Dog Coulouir

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 Me and a friend are planning on climbing this and I was thinking about than skiing back down it. I know it is skiable but was just wondering if any had any experience  doing this kind of thing?

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Dead Dog is awesome!!!  I consider it a must ski but only if you are quite experienced.  It is not easy by any means.  The entry into it is very steep and if you tumble you will go for a long slide so make sure you're up for the challenge.   I would hope that you have pretty significant BC experience before you head to Grey's and Torrey's. 


DD is exactly the type of terrain I look for and try to ski as much as possible.  A few questions...are you planning on ascending the coulouir? If not, what route are you planning for your ascent?  When is the climb?

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I think if you're capable of climbing Dead Dog, you're probably capable of skiing it (I wouldn't try to generalize that into any sort of backcountry rule, but it seems to fit for that one.)  You are very quickly approaching the time of year when conditions will be best.  You want the snow in there nicely consolidated, but you don't want to want things to be too wet underneath.  Can you take sleds in there?  I can't remember, but if so it would save a lot on the approach.  To the point where you could probably ski it twice in a day.

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