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Boot flex

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I have started alpine skiing again in November 2008 after a three year brake. I mainly ski on piste and enjoy attacking black slopes most.


My weight is 165 - 170 lbs, I have Atomic SL 10 ib / 163 skis and at the moment my boots are Atomic B70. I have tried the slightly narrower M boot, and that does not feel painfully narrow.

Could you please give a me good advice and let me know if I would benefit having stiffer boot?


Thank you for your effort and time in advance.



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Hi Mats--Welcome to EpicSki!


Stiffer or not, you will most certainly benefit from a high-performance boot and a custom fit and setup. The boot is the most critical component of your equipment, as it's the piece that attaches directly to you.


In general, for serious skiers (that is, for skiers who are, or are willing to work toward becoming, advanced or expert skiers), I recommend at least moderately stiff, high-performance boots. It is possible to go too stiff, and you may not enjoy those stiffer boots right away. They will communicate your movements more directly to your skis--both good movements and bad. They reward good technique, but are less forgiving of technical errors. They'll "force" you to become a better skier!


And stiffer boots absolutely must be set up correctly. They must fit well, of course, and being typicaly snug, that fit can take some work. But even more importantly, they must be optimized for you--including both lateral canting and (especially) fore-aft setup. Nothing skis better than a well-set-up high performance boot. And nothing skis worse than a poorly set up high performance boot. Without expert setup, you'd be better off with a softer, lower-performance boot.


Don't hesitate to post your question in our Boot Gurus forum, for some real expert advice on both the type of boot that might work best for you, and the importance of proper setup.


Best regards,

Bob Barnes


Edit--I see now that you have posted your question as well in the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum. Good work. You'll get good advice there!

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 Hi Mats, As Bob said you can benefit from a properly fitted boot more than any other piece of gear you own.


If you're interested in an account of a boot fitting experience, read this thread 

Good reason for a Chick to have a Fit!



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I'll haul my ass to a local boot fitter with my boots, skis, 1/8" shorter left foot and bow legs. We'll see the results...







Spent today almost two hours with a trusted boot fitter. Mission accomplished. New boots are from the same manufacturer, same 26.5 size, different model with 2mm narrower last and stiffer flex.

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