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CU Boulder definitely has coaching, and it's good...Paul Roszypal and his assistants Curt and Brandon.  Our Masters team trains with them all the time...




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I was curious, so I shot an email to one of our friends last night. Funded by the school, and the athletes. They pay about $1K in a program fee {very reasonable}. Something like 80-90 racers on the team. It's a real team, not so much of a "club". Wide range of experience, too. 50 pt. FIS skiers to relatively inexperienced. Lots of fun. Sounds like a GREAT program. Guess there's a lot of info on the CU, Boulder website.


I'm currently on the USCSA team at CU.  We currently have around 66 athletes competing.  They vary from 1st time racers to very competitive sub 40 point skiers.  It really is a great program with quite a bit of coaching.  Paul (the head coach) starts the season in August with a dryland program continuing through the end of November.  We do pre-season race camps up at Copper mountain and are training at the local mountain (Eldora) as soon as there is snow.  Training is offered pretty much daily through the end of the season.  Much of training and all races are video taped, so the coaching support is very real.  Check out the team website if you want to know more about the program.


If you're looking to continue racing, any USCSA team would be a great option.  If there isn't a USCSA team at the school you end up at, I would definitely recommend getting involved with a Masters group.  We frequently train with the Eldora masters, which is a great group of guys.


Additionally, you're wanting to improve your racing there are a number of things you can do.  I'll echo what others have mentioned...  Get serious about your dryland off-season training.  Get on the mountain bike.  Do a lot of hiking/trail running.  Get in the gym and lift.  Bottom line...stay active, it really pays off.  You'll continue to see those points drop in the race season!