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Utah delivers

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I was not able to log in during my trip, but am now back to grindstone. I arrived Saturday morning on March 21. I was worried given the previous 10 days, but it turned out I didn't need to. However, perhaps my worrying made the difference. I went to Solitude the first day while my friend who was having trouble after an all night delta flight slept in the car. That turned out to be the peak in temps. It was warm and sunny and the corn was good from about 10 to when I left at 12:30pm. From what I heard from skiers, probably would have turned to mush by 1:30pm. As many have said, the next day sucked. Went to Snowbird. Temps never got warm in advance of approaching storm and it stayed pretty icy. The gad side was really bad with Peruvian side a bit better, at least on groomers. Starting snowing about 2:30pm. Went to Solitude on Monday 3-23. They had 6-8 inches which turned out to be plenty on the groomers, but still very bad off. Not enuf to cover up frozen nasties. After that everywhere was great. Storm lasted about 3 days covering up everything. Great snow everywhere. We skiied almost everwhere except DV and Pow Mow. We had 2 sunny days the last weekend of march. It wasn't powder, but still great snow. then it started snowing again. I thought the best day was at the Canyons on March 30. I know it's not the Cottonwoods, but still great for an old guy. They reported 17 inches, but probably 20 by time we arrived. To me, that was the driest lightest snow of trip. Not that rest was bad, but that was mid winter snow. All in all, one of the greatest ski trips of my life for snow conditions. Can't wait for next year.    

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Mau sorry we missed each other. I was out there from the 3/24 thru 3/2. It was great, I agree. Maybe next y ear we can hook up. I am tyring to talk Skier219 into one more trip...not that its all that hard to do!

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Originally Posted by theconz View Post


3/24 thru 3/2.

you only spent year there? tsk tsk

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Thanks for worrying Maui Steve!


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