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Which skiis for instructing

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I asked this question on one of the other forums, but I want to ask here again in case there are more instructors paying attention here. Basically, I am a CSIA level 2, working towards my level 3. I want to buy a dedicated pair of skiis for teaching...especially for working on and passing my level 3.

I live/work in Whistler, so pow and crud are always around. Occasional ice, but the norm is soft snow conditions.

A lot of instructors are on slalom skiis these days and it seems I would be best off with a pair of tight turning skiis that are easy to turn, smooth, etc. Something that I can go down a powdery, cruddy, mogul field making slow, round, smooth, carving turns (no zipper line skiing allowed)...

What are your suggestions for a ski to buy for this purpose?

So far I have quite a list of skiis to try, still prioritizing it, but it looks something like this:

- Head XP-70ti (or XP-60)
- Dynaster Speed SX
- Dynaster Speed Cross
- K2 Mach S
- Rossi T-Power Viper S (or X) Or CobraX
- Soloman Crossmax (9 or 10)
- Saloman slalom ski (?)
- Atomic 9.12, 10.16, 10.20, 9.20

That's a big list of demoing already. I would definitely like to cut it down a little.

Anyway, any instructors out there using these skiis..please tell me your experience.

In particular, on my level 3 the biggest challenge for me will be skiing the bumps slowly with balanced, round, carving turns. I am used to skiing on a GS sidecut ski....down the zipper line. But that is not acceptable for ski instruction. I need to make nice slow, easy, round turns through the bumps..

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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The area I work at is known for having the most snow in Colorado. Powder and crud are our normal conditition (except this year).

If your goals are to ski like an instructor and an instructors goal is to ski like is students let's look at your students for your ski choice. What are their goals? If your students are the same as mine, it is not racing but to enjoy the mountain environment from a competent, recreational view point.

With this in mind, wouldn't an all mountain ski be a better choice than a specialized race ski? My preference is the Dynastar Intuitiv74. It blasts through powder and crud and as incredible edge hold on hard snow. Its longitudinal stiffness is such that you never feel the ski in bumps. I don't think it has ever thrown me into the front seat like my old GS skis used to.

Any way just my .02
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Whatever it is make it short. I have a pr of the T-Power Vipers in a 174 that make the gromed runs a breeze and the bumps are pretty easy also. i don't know about the CSIA exams but the PSIA exams are fairly centered around on piste snow, with a little off piste.
The Mach S's are also a good choice.

just my $.02
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dewdman42:
I am used to skiing on a GS sidecut ski....down the zipper line.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

So ski like this and throw in some check hop garlands and an outrigger or two & you will pass level III.

You can do slow instructor turns on any old ski with edges. Slow bumps is easy .... fast zipper line GS bumps is a tad more interesting.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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My pick in your conditions would be the Atomic 10.16.
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I see that the Vokle G3 is not on the list. Try this one!--------Wigs :
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