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The guys at Folsom Custom Skis sent this announcement:

- May 1 through May 31 2009
- Less than 70 pairs available
- Choose Shape, Camber, Length, Graphics and Stiffness (not flex pattern)

Sounds like a good deal. Folsom specializes in vertical laminate Poplar/Bamboo wood cores sandwiched with various fiberglass, carbon and rubber sheets. Durasurf UHMW sidewalls, 2.1mm Rockwell 48 edges, sublimated graphic topsheets and Durasurf bases. They have a about 7 different models to choose from. Manufactured in Boulder, Colorado USA.



Hey All,
I just wanted to inform everyone that we are going to run a sale beginning May 1st and ending May 31st.  So for one month only, and a limited number of skis (less than 70 pairs), we will sell a pair of Folsom Customs for $699.  The skis will be built over the summer and delivered by Oct. 1st.  People will get to choose a shape, length, camber, and graphics.  The skis won't have fully customized flex patterns, but we will be tailoring the stiffness of each ski's flex pattern to each person.

Keep in mind that its for a limited time starting May 1st and for a limited number of pairs.  Keep checking the website for updates.

Your Custom Shop,

Folsom Custom Skis
Core Manufacturing LLC
303.248.3418 (o)
Boulder, CO
Handcrafted. Durable. Sustainable.