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"Super-Stoked Skier Friendly Mid 20's Male Seeks company to ski/ride with this sunday at SOLITUDE!"

haha so i'm driving up from phoenix tonight to ride solitude tomorow (sunday) and i'm just lookin for some people to ride with, again i dont care if you ski, snowboard, tobogin, bobsled, ride a bloody horse down the hill, lol. i'm just lookin for some company to ride with.


I'd consider myself super fun to ski/ride with, i'm always smiling ear to ear just to be there, in decent shape so i dont take much breaks unless i forget my power bars! 


I'm a pretty durn good rider from being from florida, i anticipate being in honeycomb bowl all day, however i recently sprained my ankle so i'm gonna be slowed down a little bit by that so i doubt i'll be flyin off any kickers, but ya never know. 

SO if ANYONE! would like to make a new friend to play in the snow sunday april 5th(thats tommorow as of typing this post) just let me know! unless my car explodes i'll be there.. 


I guess contact me on myspace(feel strange putting phone number on here) but check my profile on this thing and i'll try and put it on that so if you want just text me or call and leave a voicemail!


here's the myspace you can message(try not to laugh at my music too much ok?), just leave your number and i'll call ya tommorow morning to see where to meet up, or if you need a ride or whatever ( i have an audi, the germans know whats up with the snow driving.. but can only fit 2 more or 3 uncomfortably)