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Late Utah Snow, No Comments??

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Living on LI spring is at my doorstep yet I keep on looking up the websites for the Canyons and Alta and such and hearing about the great snow that is falling late in the season. I look for some posts on it but see nothing.


I guess because Utah always has such great snow it's no big deal?

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We have been skiing powder for 2.5 straight weeks, i have skied like 17 straight days and tomorrow will be my 105th day, unfortunately I will be skiing the Canyons, but caught Solitude the last 5 days, and it has been epic...  late March and April of last year was the best skiing of the year and this year has been no exception, most resorts close in the next week, Solitude with close to a 100 inch base....

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Hell, even CO has been like that.

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skier219, thanks for the links. I am now living vicariously through the posts.

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Posts by theConz are good for living vicariously.  He's one of the few guys who can make me feel good about a powder dump even when I am 2000+ miles away.  I think we need to get more Utah powder newbies to share the joy here on Epic -- the enthusiasm is contagious!

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I skied a foot of pow this morning, FYI

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Yesterday the back country off 9990 at The Canyons was truly epic, and when they dropped the ropes above Gad2 this morning it was 20 inches of fresh for everyone.


Need anything else?

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When you're in a pattern like we've had the last 3 weeks, it is difficult to stop & take pic's.  The adreniline is running so rampant that you don't stop until you drop.  You forget you have to eat, you forget you have to pee.


The sun came out today, & so did the camera.  I'll share a little of the stoke shortly.



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Yesterday - Snowbasin - 55 degrees with 4-5 inch deep mashed potatos everywhere. It was tough on the legs, but I went until last gondola - that day will be in my memory all summer


Today - Snowbird - it felt like K-Mart - nasty, scratchy, marginal visibility - yuck


Tomorrow - 10-12 forecast .


I've already called and there's seats on the plane on Friday instead of tomorrow if it really pukes tonight.

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The snow wasn't over yet - yesterday at Canyons was 10 inches of fresh (albiet heavy) pow, and as it was the last day of the trip, I was on one of the first gondola's, and the first into Dreamscape after waiting 10 minutes for the lift to open.


I'm hoping to get some more days in to end my season, but if I don't this last week has been one of the best I've ever had in 40+ years of skiing.

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