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Superb Skiing at Solitude

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Conditions at Solitude today were just phenomenal. They reported 17 inches of new powder and by the end of the day, it was possible to still hit some patches of untracked stuff. The skiing was some of the best of the season, plus Solitude has reduced lift tickets for the rest of the season to $39. Hard to imagine a better deal anywhere. The forecast for tonight is for another 10-14 inches! Only because I won't be able to ski again this weekend, I figure I should say where the best snow could be found: consensus was the best powder and skiing, in order, could be found in Black Forest, the Cirque, and Navarone. It should be awesome tomorrow.

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Thats it! I am moving to SLC!!!!

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how is it in salt lake like living. thats my dream to move to salt lake and work for a ski company down there or somthin 
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   I lived there for 7 years and go back skiing three times a year during the season. Salt Lake has been developing like crazy for at least 30 years. Every time I go out I see new construction, so there is a chance to find a good job. The ski industry is moving out there so you may have your shot at working in it. As a slight advantage it does have the best skiing so Powderhound95 or anyone else interested give it a shot. I'm thinking seriously of staying there for the ski season.
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 wow! that sounds great. i check the alta site as often as i can to see the new snow and i just really wished i lived their. yeah ur post was great.
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