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With the ski season winding down a bit (I know it never really ends), I thought a nice 25K on an island surrounded by lots of salt water might be a nice change of pace.  Turns out about 500 others thought the same thing, although some opted for the longer 50K or 50M.  It was a great day to be out on the trail.  And these same trails work very well for the MTBers in the crowd.


Sunrise on Frary Peak where the buffalo roam.


Plotting the new course up the ridge.


Making our way up the rock garden.  The view is to the west overlooking White Rock Bay.


Dave cruising past Split Rock.


Making our way up the switchbacks.


Moving higher.


Yes, these trails make for some great biking. 


Heading back home with the Wasatch Range in the background.


The runners seemingly moving the wrong way are the 50K-ers going out for their second loop.  The only bison we spotted were too far off for photos.  We did see a few of the island's namesakes, antelope (or pronghorn for you zoological zealots) but my camera wasn't handy.  This is a great trail race in a stark but beautiful part of Utah.  


Now, back to our regularly scheduled spring skiing.

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