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Rental car in Tahoe

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I'm staying there from 12Apr thru 18Apr.  I rented a standard car not thinking much about storms.  If I'm staying at Northstar and I want to drive over to Squaw or Alpine Meadows will I be screwed after a storm?

Do they plow the roads quick?  Does the approach to those mountains suck ala LCC?  It will be mid-April so I'm not that worried but I'm thinking about switching to a 4x4.

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I've skied that area a lot, get the 4x4.  IF they have a storm and you're in a standard car you may be forced to purchase chains for a rental car.  Many of the roads in the area put of chain requirments during a storm unless you're driving a 4x4.  Last year in late March this happened to a friend of mine and he put out a bunch of money just to save a couple of bucks on the rental.  Besides, aren't you praying for a big late season storm? 

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the roads between northstar and squaw/alpine will never close.... you won't NEED a 4x4 even in a big storm.  it could be slightly helpful if you're really worried about driving in the snow (if we get some).  if you're from the northeast you won't have any problem driving out here. 


april storms happen often and are great, but corn is just as fun.  you want to hope for temps between 55-60 every day... then go have the time of your life ripping corn at squaw.




if you wait a few more days you'll be able to tell for sure whether or not you'll need a 4 wheel drive at all.... as of now the 12th looks clear



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