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Another Ski Area Closes

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Sad to see Swain ski area go down. 


When a small feeder ski area like Swain outside of Rochester,  NY closes you may think well this does not hurt the rest of the ski business.  Well think again.  If you were to ask skiers and riders at a major western ski ara like Snowbird or Jackson Hole where did you learn to ski and ride, a small percentage would say this small ski area called Swain.   Now maybe its  1/100th of a percent but enough Swains close their doors for good and it starts to be 1 percent or even 5 percent decrease in business for western resorts years down the road. 



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This is big news around Rochester and the Southern Tier area. According to reports in the Hornell newspaper, they were the largest business in Allegeny County.


Swain was the first place I ever skied when I started in the early '80s. At the time, Bristol was in bankruptcy and featured double the vertical but little else. If you wanted good snow, Swain had it.

Since then, Bristol has made tons of structural improvements and is a closer drive for most people in the Rochester area. We had a couple of Masters races at Swain this year and it's a decent race venue, but I can't say that I'd ski there with any regularity.It's too bad they can't find a market niche to fill.


Maybe some Federal Stimulus money will fall out of the sky to save it!

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This one hurts ... I grew up in Rochester. Although I didnt get into sking until I left, it was still a place that I know well. Friends spent many weekends there and the hill had a lot to offer. Looks like they made a few big improvements (including cutting new trails) the last two years. Im sure they had a loyal following - but we all know that season pass holders cant keep a place in business.


Here in the Philly area we almost lost one of our smallest hills, Spring Mt, but the local ski company family picked it up and has kept it open. Springs a wonderful hidden gem - the perfect place for a few hour break from work on a bluebird day. Nothing big, nothing hard, but a great family friendly place, in an era where everyone else is pushing bigger/better.


I hope the same can be found for Swain ....

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Wasn't Swain the home hill for US downhiller AJ Kitt growing up. I think I rember his parents were on the Ski Patrol there.

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Originally Posted by roundturns View Post


Wasn't Swain the home hill for US downhiller AJ Kitt growing up. I think I rember his parents were on the Ski Patrol there.


Yes that is correct.  Kitt learned to ski at Swain Ski Center outside Rochester, N.Y. Kitt,


I understand there are over 100 active National Ski Patrollers at Swain that will be looking for a place to patrol.


I hope someone will buy up Swain ski area and keep it open.   Anyone win the lottery lately?

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Sad, I skied there while in grad school.... many years ago.

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